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Rise of Cannabis Employment Class Actions and How to Protect Your Business.

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Highlights Finding a reliable cannabis payroll company is crucial for any cannabis business owner Unlike other industries cannabis operations can face unexpected roadblocks when it comes to payroll As a result of banking or federal regulations payroll providers tend to stay away from businesses within the cannabis industry This guide [...]

Highlights nbsp The U S cannabis industry is experiencing explosive growth But navigating the complex and ever changing HR regulations can be a minefield The risks of non compliance are serious including lawsuits fines and even license revocation This blog dives into the consequences of non compliance so you can [...]

Highlights Companies in the cannabis sector face unique HR challenges With ever changing regulations across different states and difficulties with payroll and banking there are many hurdles to navigate But fortunately cannabis PEOs can help By partnering with a specialized firm businesses in the cannabis industry can find the support [...]

As your cannabis business grows so does the need for more efficient systems to better handle your HR workload from bringing new talent on board to tracking work hours and keeping up with legal requirements Let us introduce you to Vfficient a powerful HR management software that integrates all these [...]

Highlights Running a business involves an array of HR tasks And that s even more true in the fast growing cannabis industry HR outsourcing is a savvy alternative for businesses that want to focus on scaling up while reducing admin workload By taking over critical functions like payroll benefits administration [...]

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Highlights For companies in the cannabis industry payroll can be a real challenge However payroll goes beyond paying employees on time and staying compliant with regulations It s also about ensuring payroll security When processing payroll and taxes businesses deal with a considerable amount of sensitive and confidential data that [...]

Highlights The cannabis industry is blooming and it s having a profound impact on the job market According to the 2022 Leafly Jobs Report America s legal cannabis businesses supported 428 059 full time equivalent jobs a 30 increase from the previous year In this context HR best practices are [...]