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Cannabis Recruiting Tips: How to Attract the Best Talent

How to Attract the Best Talent to Cannabis Businesses

Highlights The cannabis industry is experiencing explosive growth in the U.S., fueled by increasing legalization, mergers and acquisitions, multi-state expansions, and new licensing opportunities.  But this boom presents a challenge: attracting and retaining top talent. Finding reliable, qualified, and passionate individuals, who are enthusiastic about the cannabis industry is crucial. But how can cannabis business […]

7 Risks of Non-Compliance for Cannabis Business Owners

Learn the 7 Biggest Risks of Non-compliance for Cannabis Business Owners

Highlights:  The U.S. cannabis industry is experiencing explosive growth. But navigating the complex and ever-changing HR regulations can be a minefield. The risks of non-compliance are serious, including lawsuits, fines, and even license revocation. This blog dives into the consequences of non-compliance, so you can make informed decisions and avoid costly pitfalls. Read on to […]

Vfficient Power: Elevate Cannabis HR with Greenleaf’s Expertise

Discover Vfficient, a Powerful All-In-One HR Management System

As your cannabis business grows, so does the need for more efficient systems to better handle your HR workload, from bringing new talent on board to tracking work hours and keeping up with legal requirements. Let us introduce you to Vfficient, a powerful HR management software that integrates all these critical HR functions into a […]

HR Outsourcing Benefits for Cannabis Companies

Learn How HR Outsourcing Can Benefit Your Cannabis Company

Highlights Running a business involves an array of HR tasks. And that’s even more true in the fast-growing cannabis industry. HR outsourcing is a savvy alternative for businesses that want to focus on scaling up while reducing admin workload. By taking over critical functions like payroll, benefits administration, and compliance, external HR providers can boost […]

7 HR Best Practices Shaping the Cannabis Industry in 2024

Discover the 7 HR Best Practices Shaping the Cannabis Industry

Highlights The cannabis industry is blooming, and it’s having a profound impact on the job market. According to the 2022 Leafly Jobs Report, America’s legal cannabis businesses supported 428,059 full-time equivalent jobs — a 30% increase from the previous year. In this context, HR best practices are essential to meet employees’ expectations and help companies […]

The Vital Importance of Loss Control for Business Owners

Loss control is a pivotal aspect of risk management for business owners, irrespective of the size or industry of the company. It involves strategies, practices, and measures designed to mitigate and prevent losses, which could be financial, operational, or reputational. In this blog, we’ll delve into the reasons why loss control is of paramount importance […]

Dos and Don’ts in the Hiring Process: Building a Strong and Compliant Workforce

Hiring the right talent is critical for any organization’s success. However, the hiring process can be challenging and complex, with potential legal pitfalls. To ensure you attract the best candidates and build a strong, diverse, and compliant workforce, it’s essential to follow best practices. In this blog post, we’ll explore the dos and don’ts in […]

Unions in the Cannabis Industry: Benefits and Challenges

The cannabis industry has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, with the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana in several countries and states. As this industry continues to grow, it is faced with unique challenges, one of which is ensuring the welfare and rights of its workers. We’ll explore the emergence of unions in […]


The importance of meal and break periods in the cannabis industry carries the same employer responsibility as any other industry. This is vital for two primary reasons: driving the business and creating the employee experience. Driving the Business: Creating the Employee Experience: It is essential to provide meal and break periods to comply with labor […]


Within every industry, job descriptions hold significant importance. Let’s explore a few reasons why having well-defined job descriptions is essential: 1. Clarity and understanding: Job descriptions provide clarity and a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities associated with each position within the cannabis industry. They outline the essential duties, tasks, and expectations for each […]