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Metrics That Matter: Where Do Your Best Candidates Come From?

It’s important to utilize more than one channel for this exact reason. One candidate who is LinkedIn savvy may have the equivalent skill set of another who chooses to job hunt on Indeed instead.

The more channels you utilize, the better range of new cannabis candidates you attract and receive.

Having different sourcing options can strengthen your search, but metrics can help you figure out what channels are worth focusing your time and budget on. By tracking your efforts and results, you can see where your strongest candidate yield comes from.

Better yet, you can see where there is room and potential for growth. This is especially important for difficult-to-fill positions with exacting skillsets like cultivating or budtending roles in the cannabis industry.

Learn how metrics can improve the methods you use, and inform the sources you rely on.

1. Online Job Boards

There are so many different sites and applications out there, but you need to know which ones are hot right now. What was pulling the most traffic last month may not be the best online board this month.

Metrics can help you pick and choose the best boards at the best times. Or even what positions are most popular on each board.

The sooner you know this information, the more efficient you can be with your resource allocation.

Also, by tracking these numbers within a platform itself, you can be sure that the metrics you are receiving are completely accurate.

2. Social Media

If Facebook Jobs didn’t prove the importance of social recruiting already we’re not sure what will. Candidates are looking to their favorite social media pages to find gigs, and sites are taking note.

LinkedIn isn’t the only social spot to source candidates anymore. With Facebook becoming more career friendly, hiring managers must decide where to split the difference. Measuring the popularity and quality of candidates clicking on posts can help you decide where to place your promotional posting budget.

Even better, by picking a platform that can customize metrics to your taste, you can make the adjustment when the next big social career phenomenon pops up.

3. Employee Referral

As talent acquisition professionals, we know that a good referral can lead us to a pool of top-notch candidates. By using metrics and data to examine your employee referral program, you can understand what is working and what can improve.

For example, how many referred candidates were hired? Who referred them? Who has referred the most high-quality candidates?

These metrics can lead managers to create better referral programs, and ultimately, better hires.

Not all channels work the same for every employer, but it doesn’t have to be difficult to find what works for you.

Source of candidate metrics allow us to capitalize on successful channels, and focus on improvement for the less effective ones.

Get in touch with our HR consulting team to find out how you can best utilize your talent acquisition tools today!

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