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Real Employee Benefits for Your Cannabis Business Team

Offer your employees a wide range of coverage options from Health & Dental to retirement plans.

A competitive benefits program is crucial to not only attracting the right talent but retaining quality employees. Regardless of company size, location, or length of operation Greenleaf HR can help create the perfect benefits package offerings.
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Employee Benefits Customized to Align with Your Needs

Benefits are not only becoming more competitive, but also becoming more integral to attracting the right talent and retaining quality cannabis employees.

Employers need more than just the basic healthcare coverage like medical, dental, and vision. Ancillary benefits like life insurance, and retirement saving options help elevate your position in the talent marketplace.
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Greenleaf HR strives to offer a wide array of benefit options from basic and ancillary coverage to a full suite of voluntary benefits. Regardless of company size, location, or length of operation, Greenleaf HR can help create the ideal benefits package. From handling the ins and outs of the benefits program by collecting and remitting the insurance premium, to coordinating enrollments and assisting co-employees with questions and concerns, Greenleaf HR is dedicated to finding a package that adapts and thrives with your employees’ lifestyles.
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Major Medical, Dental, & Vision

Greenleaf HR’s SMART level funded plan offers employers both PPO and HSA options to meet the employer’s health insurance requirements. Level funded plans deliver flexibility when comparing to commercial insurance, as well as additional cost-saving benefits.

Making benefits decisions that affect the entire employee base for a whole year is overwhelming. Greenleaf HR provides expert guidance to navigate the complex choices associated with providing employees with affordable health coverage.

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401 (k) Retirement Planning

More employees are looking to benefits like 401(k) in making their career decisions. Set yourself apart by offering your employees access to a plan through Slavic 401k which has over $2.5 billion in assets with access to top mutual funds like Vanguard and Fidelity. Or, use your own provider through Greenleaf HR.

  • 90% of the plan is already designed
  • Cost per person is dramatically reduced
  • Plans are specifically designed to meet business requirements at a fraction of the cost
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The Benefits Marketplace turns your organization’s benefits offerings into more of what employees are looking for: an individualized experience. Give employees the ability to make informed decisions when it comes to their benefit plans. We’ve done the legwork in order to bring employees a range of intimidation-free options. A complimentary preference for any diverse and modern workforce.

Benefits include Identity Theft Protection, Loans, Tax Credits, Telehealth, and more.