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Greenleaf HR helps businesses drive sustained growth through comprehensive HR outsourcing. Our human resource specialists deliver expertise in employment law compliance, employee benefits, risk management, and payroll, while providing powerful cloud-based technology that manages every aspect of an employee’s HR journey.

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Smarter cannabis businesses use smarter tools. With HR outsourcing, you can:

Minimize Risk

Understand and be prepared for legislation and regulatory changes.

Save Time

Reduce HR administration time and utilize efficient technology.

Gain Expertise

Get access to specialized experts, without increasing your staff.

Attract Top Talent

Offer the benefits and compensation candidates want.

Flexible outsourcing options, from a partner you can trust.

HR Experts Here to Help

When you need help, you want to work with a team with the knowledge and experience to deliver it. Partnering with Greenleaf HR means you’ll have access to dedicated professionals with expertise in HR, payroll, benefits, compliance and more. And they’re not just able to help—they’re happy to assist your employees to access the right information.

Powerful HR Platform

Vfficient, Worklogic HR's powerful cloud-based HR platform, manages virtually every aspect of an employee’s HR lifecycle, from their first day to their last. You can:

  • Create, customize, and share reports in minutes.
  • Collect and track must-have employee information easily.
  • Assign training and verify its completion from your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Simplify open enrollment for you and your staff.

It also gives your employees a self-service portal that’s available any time and from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PEO?
A PEO, or professional employer organization, provides businesses HR-related services. We handle things like payroll, regulatory compliance, and employee benefits so that business owners can focus on the operations side of their companies. Essentially, you’re freed up to focus on profit-generating.
Why do companies choose to work with a PEO?
According to NAPEO, businesses that work with a PEO grow seven to nine percent faster than similar-sized businesses that don’t. They also have 10 to 15 percent less employee turnover and are approximately 50 percent less likely to go out of business. NAPEO.org/what-is-a-peo
I run a non-profit. Do PEOs work with non-profit organizations?
Many different types of companies across a variety of industries partner with Greenleaf HR to take advantage of the PEO options we offer. This includes non-profit organizations. In fact, our PEO services often help non-profits like yours keep costs under control so that you can devote your time and resources to your primary mission.
I'm trying to find better benefits for my employees. Can a PEO help?
Absolutely. A PEO company like Greenleaf HR allows you to offer the same quality benefits to your employees that a national or global brand does.
Is it true that if I work with a PEO my employees don't work for me anymore?
When you work with a PEO company like Greenleaf HR, you trust us to handle very specific responsibilities. For example, we make sure employees are paid on time and that payroll processes meet all local, state and federal rules. We issue W-2s. You continue to oversee your employees and do things like giving them work assignments, making scheduling decisions, and handling the many other day-to-day tasks just like you always have.
Does Greenleaf HR only offer PEO services to large businesses?
No. We work with businesses of all sizes, from sole practitioners to companies with 50, 250 or even 500 employees. That’s why our flexible, tailored approach is so important.