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Our Mission

Our Mission, Vision, & Values

Our Mission

To deliver tailored human resource, benefit, payroll, safety and workers’ compensation business solutions to small and mid-sized firms looking for a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

Our Vision

We will create Greenleaf HR ambassadors by delivering a 5-Star Customer Experience, while catering to the details of our client’s business and employees’ lives.

Our Values

Greenleaf HR blends high-tech advancements with hi-touch customer services—never losing sight of what people desire and deserve. Greenleaf HR values:
  • Family spirit
  • Do more with less
  • Embrace growth and education
  • Have no fear
  • A little goofiness and have fun
  • Wow! Customer
  • Experiences
  • All for one
  • Be open-minded and communicate well
  • Be accountable
  • Be innovative and never stop creating
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Our Commitment

We will… consistently do our best as a Greenleaf HR representative and professional ambassador of our Mission, Vision, and Values.

We will… consistently perform at the highest level, putting high quality and timely customer service to clients and worksite employees above all else.

We will… strive to continuously improve upon processes and provide our valued insight to all business challenges and opportunities.

We will… focus on the identification and resolution of problems and not on placing blame or uncovering individual faults.

We will… keep an open mind, ready for learning and growing.

We will… demonstrate and teach our strengths while recognizing and improving upon our weaknesses.

We will… respect the company and its initiatives, challenging others to understand them when appropriate and challenging ourselves to see the bigger picture when unclear.