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Greenleaf HR is here to support and guide your cannabis operation in every area of people management.

Running a business in the cannabis industry is more complicated than ever. Chances are your day-to-day involves being pulled in multiple directions without being able to fully focus or complete any one task. It’s likely many of these directions involve some sort of human resource (HR) management. Whether it’s performance evaluations, staff training, employee retention strategies, preparing for open enrollment, or implementing federal and state compliance updates, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

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Comprehensive HR (PEO)

Learn about each of our HR packages and find one that meets your company's requirements.

HR+Payroll (ASO)

Payroll Administration and HR & Benefits Management

Payroll Services Only

Payroll Administration: One-Click Payroll Generation

Get Integrated HR Technology

Partnering with Greenleaf HR means you receive access to comprehensive HR management software to track and handle all stages of the employee lifecycle. With a powerful platform like Vfficient, you’ll save time and frustration by having your data in one secure, cloud-based system.

The Vfficient portal offers your employees access to tons of self-service features including benefits enrollment, time tracking, withholding adjustments, and status updates, or even viewing and printing paystubs. It’s like online banking, but for all your HR needs.

It’s a win-win: Happy employees and streamlined processes.