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Rise of Cannabis Employment Class Actions and How to Protect Your Business.

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Cannabis has a long history in American culture dating all the way back to the 17th century First introduced for the production of rope sails and clothing cannabis eventually became a popular ingredient in medicinal products sold openly in pharmacies However by 1937 U S Congress began criminalizing the use [...]

As a leader it 8217 s easy to focus more of your management time on underperforming employees and let your best employees keep fulfilling their duties You figure since the best employees don t need your extra attention you can focus on the ones who really need it This sounds [...]

The destigmatization and legalization of cannabis have been very positive changes for the industry but it hasn t only been an increase in consumer sales that has contributed to the industry s boom Venture capital investors as well as businesses that were formerly agnostic perhaps even opposed to cannabis are [...]

Five years have gone by since California passed prop 64 legalizing cannabis for adult use and now the state is ready to invest in the industry that has seen massive growth since then With $100 million in grant funding California is set to make a big impact on the industry [...]

Do you see yourself rising up the cannabis ladder earning a new position and title that deems respect You ll get to manage a team get offered a raise and maybe even get a new office all to yourself But do you know what it actually takes to maintain a [...]

In today 8217 s market there is nothing wrong with candidates putting their best faces forward to make lasting impressions on top employers but as hiring managers we need to know where to draw the line It has been reported that as many as 50 of job applicants stretch the [...]

It s important to utilize more than one channel for this exact reason One candidate who is LinkedIn savvy may have the equivalent skill set of another who chooses to job hunt on Indeed instead


No matter where you live what you do for a living or how much money you make life gets stressful You ve probably heard that some forms of stress are good and some are bad but it s important to learn how to cope with all stress Even the good [...]

Time management It 8217 s something we all struggle with at one point or another in all industries even with the cannabis industry Time is our most valuable and most limited resource so it is imperative to use it wisely nbsp