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Rise of Cannabis Employment Class Actions and How to Protect Your Business.

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Modern recruiters understand just how essential technology and Applicant Tracking Systems ATS can be to the recruiting process Harnessing the power of an ATS can mean better quality candidates more organized back office functions lower recruitment costs and all around better experiences for both applicants and recruiters


When you re shopping for business software as a service SaaS how do you know if a vendor can keep your data secure You know it s important to do everything possible to ensure your business cybersecurity amp data protection You want to believe the salesperson s claims about security [...]

You ve got the signed official offer letter and a confirmed start date your hard recruiting work has paid off Like the experienced cannabis business leader that you are you decide to get the onboarding process started


Cyberattacks are a huge concern for every industry For cannabis businesses this is particularly true due to the vast amounts of personal data and protected health information which they are required to collect and store Beyond consumer data cannabis companies likely also maintain trade secrets in their company databases < [...]

Ask anyone in the cannabis industry and they will tell you 2020 was a great year for the industry Several states legalized marijuana products for recreational and or medicinal use consumers have more access to products the industry continues to enjoy massive growth and other industries are opening up their [...]

An up to date employee handbook is essential for any cannabis business It is a valuable resource that can improve a business productivity and profits protect a company s interests against employment lawsuits and ensure employees understand the expectations for their performance and behavior


Now that the dust has settled from this chaotic election cycle we have an update on last month s Election Watch blog The night was an immense success for the industry expanding legalization and opportunity across the country The results indicate clearly that voters overwhelmingly approve of cannabis legalization < [...]

This election cycle brings a number of important decisions to the voters regarding cannabis legalization in the United States Not only are there several states debating various levels of cannabis legalization this November there are some critical races over seats that will have ramifications for the industry


Way back in 2013 the Obama administration signed the Cole Memorandum mandating that state licensed cannabis businesses would not be prosecuted unless they explicitly violated a federal law Unfortunately in 2018 the Cole Memorandum was rescinded creating uncertainty throughout the industry